A Complete Guide to Kota Doriya Fabric

Kota doriya , a cotton fabric with a blend of silk or Zarjaipuri, is woven in a traditional pit loom to give it a chequered pattern. Silk gives it transparency, and it gets a stripe effect from cotton yarn. The treatment with onion juice and rice makes it strong. Initially, the use of fabric was limited to the headgear of the royalty of Kota.

Historically, the origin of Kota Doriya dates back to 250 years. Folklore in the area suggests that the craft originated in Mysore and then travelled to Kota. Thus, it is locally known as Kota Masuriya. Presently, Kaithun, a small town at a distance of 15 km from Kota, is the main hub of production.

  • Modern-day Kota Doriya

    Nowadays, Kota doriya is available in the form of sarees, Rajputi dresses, and unstitched suits online as well as offline.

    The sheerness, shimmer, strength, and softness of the fabric makes it unique. A Kota doriya fabric is sheer in nature. The finish of this sheer depends upon the experience of the hands that make it and the blend of cotton and silk. A blend of zari, cotton, and silk brings a graceful look to the fabric.

    A single inch of fabric consists of five khats, or a checked pattern. In each khat, there are 28 yarns. 20 yarns are cotton, and 8 yarns are silk. The use of cotton gives it the desired strength. The use of silk yarn imparts the desired softness to the fabric.

  • Challenges for the weaver

    The Government of India has protected this handloom with a GI tag, but there are still many challenges to this handloom craft. Lack of resources, time consumption, and the effect on the eyes of the weaver are a few challenges to mention. At present, a vast variety of materials like sarees, dupattas,Kota doriya suit set, and unstitched suits are available online. An authentic handloom saree takes 20–25 days, and 30 days with intricate designs. The cost of an authentic Kota Doriya saree starts at 2500 rupees. But now the market is flooded with cheaper powerloom copies, which can create 20–25 sarees daily and are available in the range of Rs 500–1500.

  • Kota Doriya Shopping Tips

    Firstly, a genuine Kota Doriya will be a blend of cotton and silk. Cotton yarn contributes the stripe effect, whereas silk yarn contributes transparency. Secondly, remember to check the checks. One small check should have four micro checks.It is a characteristic of a Kota Doriya fabric. The design on the fabric and texture are not clear due to the checkered pattern. Lastly, Kota Doriya is a soft, light weight fabric. Check for softness of the fabric.

  • Make sure the weave is cared for

    Dry-clean your Kota Doriya for the first few washes. If at home, wash gently with a soft fabric cleaner. To save the colour by soak it for less than 10 minutes. Avoid direct sunlight for drying. Get it charak or heavily starched for a crisp royal look.

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