Guide To Prints That Suit Your Mood And Taste

Prints and colours can describe your different moods and personalities, and when it comes to clothing the trend for print is never-ending. You can not only choose the prints with colour and patterns but also you can decide it according to your mood and personality. Moving to Goa or to Manali, prints can be your every time partner. In fact, people are nowadays preferring it for corporate, parties and weddings.

Let’s have a look at different types of prints to style for your different modes

  • For Your Cheery Side

    When we talk about flowers they represent positivity wherever they are, in a person’s life they leave a joyful effect. Not only this, it proven by different studies that flowers around you can help reduce depression, agitation and anxiety. They make an intimate connection with positivity and exhibit a high state of enjoyment. We have something that exactly matches your thrill and excitement mode, you can go with this floral pattern fabric. This can be styled anytime or anywhere like the office, casual outing or any party.

  • Tenderness Mode

    These beautiful leaf prints define tenderness and your love towards nature. Everybody in their inner part has the feeling of love, respect, affection or romance, it may be called by any name but these emotions are the same in everyone’s heart. This print is to represent your love and tender mode. So, your every passionate outing definitely deserves this soothing leaf print on your attire.

  • Serenity

    Life is full of hectic schedules and workaholic lifestyles, so being calm is essential. It is essential to escape all this stuff, and these soothing geometric prints are the perfect way to describe your peaceful mode of life. Multi colours of it will definitely keep your mind serene and calm. It looks surreal and modern when worn on a sunny day, and is popular among women.

How To Style Your Printed Fabric

  • 1 You should pair your printed clothes up with a comparatively simple outfit, for example, if you're making a top out of it then you must pair it with solid colour denim or pants.

  • 2 Layering up is another good option to style your printed outfit. You can add a solid colour fit and layer it up with a printed shrug or shirt.

  • 3 For your formal wear you can opt for some smart and subtle prints so that it looks professional. You can add a block colour tie to avoid over patterns for your official look.

When you are looking for something more versatile or favourable for various occasions then you can definitely opt for printed fabrics. From block prints to florals, geometric prints to angrakha you can choose from a wide range that can match your different modes, taste and of course the occasion. Do you know what the best part is? You can carry your printed style anywhere without giving it a second thought from Lavnya India. You can now easily grab the printed fabric online from Happy Shopping.