Unstitched suits: Gota Patti suit designs for Different Occasions

Unstitched salwar kameez sets are garments bought in their raw form, that lets the user do the customization through tailoring. These sets typically include salwar, kameez, and a dupatta.

Unstitched suits offer a key benefit that they can be customized to suit personal preferences, fit, and body shapes. People prefer buying unstitched suits because they can be tailored to enhance a woman's figure in a modest way.

Now, let's summarize the classic story of Gota Patti suits so you can understand how its elegance can add sophistication to your suit designs. Gota Patti embroidery has its roots in the Mughal and Rajput eras. It's a time-consuming craft, featuring motifs like paisley, peacocks, florals, sparrows, humans, geometric patterns, and horses. This work is primarily done on lightweight fabrics such as georgette, cotton, crepe, and silk.

At Lavanya, we've created a unique range of Gota Patti suits that celebrate this craftsmanship. Our collection includes cotton unstitched suit sets with contemporary designs that showcase the beauty of Gota Patti embroidery.

In this blog we will discuss how to style Gota Patti Unstitched suits for various occasions.


Long side slit suits

Transform your simple gota patti suits into a tailored masterpiece. Opt for a kurta with a wide neckline and a gracefully long side-slit. Pair it with tailored pencil pants, and add a 5-inch net border to the bottom of the pants for an elegant touch. This fully stitched suit promises a flawless fit and a perfect look, ensuring that you radiate confidence and style wherever you go.

You can confidently wear this suit to any formal event or a gathering where heavily embellished attire may not be necessary.

Anarkali Style Suits

If you have a deep affection for Anarkali suits, why not consider getting your suit stitched in the elegant Anarkali style? Anarkali suits exude unmatched grace and offer comfort. The beauty of Anarkali suits lies in their versatility, as they complement all body types. Embrace the timeless charm and comfort of Anarkali suits to enhance your style.
Anarkalis are suitable for any grand occasion, and they exude a regal charm that's truly remarkable and impossible to overlook.

 Palazzo Suits

Palazzo suits have been a fashion trend for the past two years, and if you enjoy twirling in style, then Palazzo suits are a must-try for you. These suits beautifully combine style and comfort. Opt for a long round-neck kurta paired with palazzo pants, and complete the look with a matching dupatta for a stunning and comfortable suit.

 Angrakha Suits

Fashion continually re-invents itself with new designs and patterns that draw inspiration from historical styles. An excellent example of this is the "Angrakha" style, which has stood the test of time. Angrakha is a long kurta with side cuts in a flowy fabric, that originates from Royal Rajasthani fashion. This style adds elegance to your look, especially when designed in light colors. Pair it with ankle-length pants and an embellished dupatta for a look that complements.

In conclusion, Lavanya celebrates the timeless artistry of Gota Patti embroidery with its stunning collection of unstitched suits. We've presented four suit designs to enhance your contemporary style. Discover Lavanya's exclusive selection of Gota Patti unstitched suits and choose the one that best compliments your body type and the upcoming event.